PRODUCTS Soft Start Cabinet

TRS90 Soft Starter Cabinet

TRS90 Motor Soft Starter Cabinet


TRS90 motor soft starter cabinet is the latest version in our company. Motor starting and protection device is all integrated in TRS90 series. Our soft starter cabinet adopts intelligent digital control, with the single chip as the intelligent center, the thyristor module controls the motor fully automatically for the actuator.  This soft starter is able to steadily start and stop motor without step change so as to avoid mechanical or electric impact resulted from using conventional starting modes such as direct starting, star-delta starting and auto voltage reducing starting, and effectively reduce starting current and distribution capacity for fear of more investment on capacity expansion. The motor soft starter cabinet has complete system protection function, prolongs the service life of the system, reduces the system cost, improves the reliability of the system and is compatible with all functions of all starting equipments.



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