PRODUCTS TM310 Smart inverters

TM310 MINI inverter

0.4-1.5KW 220V 1PH Economic inverter


Torrive TM310 series MINI AC drives

Compact, Reliable and Easy to Use

Mini size design for reducing the installation cost

IGBT   Infineon & Fuji

CPU:       Texas Instruments

PCB:         Coated

Control:      SVC, V/F

Protected:     IP20

Certification:    CE

Mini Size:  85.5x142x113MM

Model:  TM310-S2-0K4E | TM310-S2-0K7E | TM310-S2-1K5E


    Torrive TM310 series is a simple and high performance mini inverters, which support two kinds of vector control of V/F and open-loop vector, which can realize the control of open-loop torque.Simple operation, superior performance, low frequency torque, steady speed and excellent dynamic characteristics.


    Small size, powerful and durable.

    As the compact design and minimal commissioning requirements, it saves panel space and reduces installation costs.

    Compact body design for side-by-side installation without reducing ratings

    Compact and powerful design to save the products cost

    Penetration of dust is minimized with coated PCBs inside.

    The effective heat sink removes heat from the electronics, it will extend the drives’ lifespan and improve the reliability.

    Energy consumption can be reduced as kinetic energy in the application can be transformed into braking power to slow down the motor.

    Rated Power:0.75~1.5 Kw
    Model:TM310-S2-0K4    220V 1PH 0.4kw Inverters
    TM310-S2-0K75    220V 1PH 0.75kw Inverters
    TM310-S2-1K5    220V 1PH 1.5kw Inverters

    TS510-S2-1K5    220V 1PH 1.5kw Inverters

    TS510-S2-2K2    220V 1PH 2.2kw Inverters
    Rated voltage:220V 1 phase
    Output frequency:0.0~500 Hz
    Control Method:SVC, VF
    Speed range:1:100 (SVC)
    Appearance:Molded case
    Installation size:92x117MM
    Steady speed accuracy:±0.5%(SVC)
    Timing control function:time range from 0.0Min to 6500.0Min
    Application:Fans, pumps, air compressors, blowers, extruders, compressors,
       spinning machines, weaving machines, wool spinning machines, etc.


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